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☆ Cute face and cute breasts Beautiful face with pure skin, snow white! Wonderful!


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About for MIA
Age21 year
Height160 cm
Weight48 kg
BodyNo tattoos
LanguagesThai / English

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  1. Post by Guardianslo

    She really opened me while I sucked her deep and hard. Suzy-pussy is so cute .... so juicy ... (the guy who misses me makes me feel so hard !!!) Afterwhich .. I give her a pump She came home !!! Her facial expression was so cute that I smoked her. Suzy her pussy was tight and warm. The session came in. She made a combo of sensual and normal massage and even a bit of my back.

    BBBJ: 7/10. Slurrpy slurrp!
    FK: 8/10 Tongue 2 Tongue
    DATY: Yes
    FJ: 7/10 still tight and willing to please
    GFE: 8/10 first shy shy than gf & bf talk

  2. Post by Diana

    Had a wonderful session with after her short break. where I have had several good sessions before. i got a free BBBJ from her. She then BBBJ me, I applied a drop to her pussy, Her boobs is really so nice & frame, Want good with BBBJ. has been totally revoke as I attack her pussy gently. out to be a shaft lick and repeated demands to hurry. where you can see enjoying it.

    Look : 7/10 (Cute)
    Body : 7/10 (slim and tall)
    BBBJ : 9/10 (you treat well they will reward you)
    FJ : 7.5/10 (long foreplay and deep kissing, she know how to make you feel good)
    GFE : 10/10 (willing to serve)

  3. Post by Hoa

    I agree and she started by asking me bj can take it all into my mouth Yes, it's big and thick. After that, I began to lubricate her and lubricate my hole. It took a couple of minutes.

    Boobs: 8/10 +
    Sound: 6/10
    Skin: 7/10 white
    Smell: 8/10, no bad smell
    BBJ: 8/10 to add outstanding

  4. Post by Nolano

    Start kissing and flicking her fingers, she's wet again, and she asks softly, "I want you inside me ..." Who can resist? So I grabbed her ass and fucked hard until she dug her nails on my back. This time I released my load and the boy was fierce! I kissed my nose, we talked a little and went to the shower as we both swallowed with sweat.

    Boobs: B or C
    BBBJ: 8/10 sedap
    FJ: 8/10
    Fingering: Yes
    Pussy: 7/10, pepek berair

  5. Post by Espresso

    Excellent. GFE. She is fair with cute eyes. Slow and glamor is the way I would tell her style to BBBJ. Sometimes my deepthroats and tongue actions can't resist.

    Attitude: 8/10 (trying hard for me)
    Pages: 7/10
    CIM: 8/10 (She focuses enough on clients)
    FJ: 8/10 (Your moaning really made me ...)
    Body: 7/10
    Boobs: 8/10 (soft, natural)


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