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👄We work together in harmony together. But still very refreshing and satisfying Excellent body My elegance and gentle touch will surprise you in a way that you can't imagine.


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  1. Post by Bom

    She began to get up and show BBBJ with me slowly. It's not professional. But can feel all the efforts she has made to ensure that I have a good time from it After I was completely created after cleaning the tower, she began delivering Catbath from the chest to the toe. She is very good at sucking, licking and kissing all parts of the body.

    HJ: 7/10 - play very well with your hands
    Catbath: 7/10 - best from chest to toe
    Frenching nature: 8/10 - passionate, no denial
    Body: 8/10 - Young and tight body with fair skin whitening
    BBBJ: 8/10 - Need more advice? But good efforts to please me

  2. Post by Boll

    Showering together, then she flicked + bbbj, a magical power almost shot after the first match, relaxed a bit before she came back to work again + bbbj again after the second appointment, she massaged a little and then we talked before showering And go home

    Catbath: 8/10 (automatic and excellent sucking and licking)
    Frenching: 8/10 (French)
    GFE: 8.5 / 10 (very high GFE)
    Body: 7/10 (thin body)
    Boobs: 7/10 (natural and soft)

  3. Post by Vety

    It was a great experience to have a good GFE like this. The hottest BBBJ and I swung her pussy and she was moaning while BJ and started wet in her panties Natural wet and her pussy is delicious for my brother

    Age: 8/10 Young girls!
    Page: 7/10 She's cute!
    Body: 8/10 Slim
    BBBJ: 8/10 stimulates slow and sluggish feelings and makes eye contact
    DFK: 8/10 Wow, very much. She likes me too

  4. Post by Gote

    Her massage and the gentle care of her, she kissed me. I woke up and drank hot tea for me too. Thank you. Really. Between your ice & fire. BJ that really awakens me. BBBJ She's doing slowly and deeply. Can not tolerate it for a long time, like being totally stimulated.

    Body: 8/10 Normal skin, smooth skin, smooth skin
    Boobs: 8/10 Natural
    BBBJ: 8/10 Slow and fast with slurping
    GFE: 8/10 English

  5. Post by Fioe

    It has been a long time since I have been on this site for a long time. Overall, she is very fun and we are very happy. The shower session is SOP, along with Frenching. Cute, you have to toe when we are French …………. After we dried ourselves, she gave me sex, very tickling and shiok.

    AR: 7/10
    BBBJ: 8/10 - with CIM
    Body: 7.5 / 10 Slim body and smooth skin
    BBBJ: 9/10 She has sucking skills and the feeling is great.
    FJ: 7.5 / 10 Easy to wet and whimper throughout the FJ.

  6. Post by Voye

    Natural During the shower, she will wash me well and will ask if I want to go. The bathroom starts the conversation and when she feels more comfortable, she will open her heart more. The service started in the bathroom, washed, clean BJ and hot water. Then a passionate kiss and ended up with a desire BJ, cat sink and BBBJ more. Everything is fine.

    AR: 8/10 Well, she said that she is still a favorite.
    BBBJ: 8/10 likes AR
    FJ: 8/10, very responsive .... She enjoys the session as much as me.
    Bbbj 8/10 As I said, best of all, bbbj tease me from the ball and go up. Lick my top

  7. Post by Viore

    Began to stimulate my child from the back and began to let me lick my sensual all over my back with her chest rubbed on me. She slowly flipped me around so that my baby faced her ... she started licking My legs went up to my danger zone and slowly flogged a small mouth. She had an innocent and innocent charm. But when the action began, she became energetic, active, quite friendly and easy to get together.

    BBBJ: 8/10 need more advice But good efforts to please me
    FJ: 6.5 / 10, tight, but need more style
    GFE: 6/10 English
    Attitude: 7/10, good, cute girl, fun
    Service: 8/10 Well, she uses BBBJ effort, 69

  8. Post by Bione

    OMG, it's a SYT. I slapped her butt & went to take a shower to freshen up .. We kissed and my hands started to caress her soft breasts. .. For me, she has a perfect body, a great BBJ of her. She is an experience.

    Massage: 8/10 like her massage cream
    Fj: 7/10 She is quite helping her. Wow, she has a good ass to have a dog style after Fj. She still gives.
    English: 8/10. Great for small talk.
    Attitude: Excellent 7/10 I can say
    Service: 8/10 is good. Her speaking skills are excellent.

  9. Post by Hew

    Nice pussy, thin bush, tight boobs, see cup. She has a slim shape, tight fitting style. "Slender legs Get a large proportion No signs of cellulite or stretch marks She is fair and has good skin.

    Painting - 7/10. The pussy is beautiful and delicious. She likes to paint
    BBBJ - 9/10 A good sucker. She starts with her tongue swirling on your butt before she swallows it into her mouth.
    Looks like - 7/10 beautiful women
    Body - 8/10 slim and fit Slightly higher than me, which is very hot, long legs

  10. Post by Bodae

    There was a hug and a hug at the time, and she teased with her hand not stopping. Someone said that her tongue was like shaking and was true. She can flick them with turbo from ear to mouth to neck to stomach to groin to knees. .... Sucking is ok. The best part is that she does it while watching you.

    Body: 7.8 / 10 She has a slim body, fitting the form. "Slender legs
    Nipples: 7.5 / 10 Natural, suitable size, hundreds of which are light pink, beautiful in color.
    Shower: 7/10 standard fare
    BJ: 8/10 She is the best and best BJ queen.

  11. Post by Taza

    Say Hello with a Smile and Hello! Thanks, myths for making such late nominations for me. After reading FR very well, so in her bbbj I have finally decided to try. She smiled and gave me a dirty look. I signaled her that it was too shiok before I nearly burst. I asked her to lie down. I started to caress her titts. She really rimmed it well and that along with her hand rabaing my baby GFE she was very close.

    GFE 8/10 feels like bonking fans.
    Pussy 6/10 Wet Pussy
    Bbbj 7.5 / 10 good sucking and good licking balls
    Regular massage massage available.
    7/10 sound effect makes me high, actually a hymn.

  12. Post by Gullveig

    I quickly sms her to get a slot today. I see her ok I like. Going lower to licking and sucking and even swallowing of my whole. I pulled her hand because I like BBBJ. I had BBBJ while keep. I do really like the hot and cold bbbj, Proceed to the action. steady and oily FJ. I would say she really is a excellent service angel. Fuck me, fuck me.

    Look : 7/10 Cute good
    Body : 7/10 tall, slim
    Boob : 7/10 cup good shape.
    BBBJ : 7.5/10 slow and steady
    FJ : 8/10 Wet and Loud all the way
    GFE : 10/10 great attitude and love show. return again

  13. Post by Fime

    Beginning with the missionary, the woman is quite flexible. Pushing her legs close to her body Began to hug her and she licked the ear I found my room and she appeared for a moment later. Talkative and very GFE. BBBJ, which was very good with the movement of the clown's head and the sound of slurping with a small moan. She switched BBBJ and bathed the cat and rubed me over

    BBBJ: 8/10 Your tongue is a weapon.
    Body: 8.5 / 10 tight
    Boobs: 7.5 / 10 with pink perky tits
    Catbath: 7.8 / 10 The girl who works very hard starts from the back and moves to the front. I like the way her tongue glides through my body.
    Frenching: 8.0 / 10 She can really do French. Her tongue will twist and spin and the dog fights with your tongue. I love.

  14. Post by Caxe

    Lovely and cute B-cups service She told me that she would do BBBJ to me. She gave a good BJ and gave me the next CIM with BJ after I came until I was soft. Wow, this is a better end.

    Boobs: 7/10 (for absolute fool lovers)
    Shower: 8/10 (SOP is very interesting)
    BBBJ: 9/10 (gentle, very good)
    FJ: 7/10 (really general Aussie)
    BJ: 6/10 (CIM and cum on face)

  15. Post by Eijaz

    I quickly sms her to get a slot today. I see her ok I like. Going lower to licking and sucking and even swallowing of my whole. I pulled her hand because I like BBBJ. I had BBBJ while keep. I would have preferred just normal bbbj already. she knows how to suck to get you all horny and tuned up. The lovely lady is a slim tall fun lady. Yet, I could shoot while she was sucking my nipple and giving strokes on my didi a happy man .that's a good shot.

    Look:7/10 sweet
    Body:7/10 smooth
    Boobs:7/10 Round and firm
    bbbj:8/10 ok, got suction
    Massage :8/10 hard with skill
    fj:8/10 Will follow what you want; doggy, sideways and all
    Gfe:9/10 talkative

  16. Post by Bine

    I am satisfied with my core and good sex as well. I want to mention that I am thirsty and very tired after the journey that I forgot to drink. This is a gem I think she will have many reservations shortly.

    Shower - 8/10 while wiping her, she gives bbbj
    BBBJ - 8/10 She takes both hot and cold efforts. Felt that her tongue worked very hard, she would suck
    Boobs-8/10, girls who give full milk and full of milk, now is the best time for lovers.
    Sex - 8/10
    GFE - 8/10

  17. Post by Bim

    We talked a bit while removing independent clothes. I tried to catch her undress because I easily woke up while watching women undress. The pair of boobs are still good as well. * Slurp slurp * Well, her cowgirl is good, energetic without mercy.

    Body: 8/10, compact, relatively smooth skin
    Statue: 7/10 is quite tight
    Page: 7/10
    BBBJ: 9/10 stimulates slow and sluggish sensations and catches each other

  18. Post by Bimo

    Let me lie down on bbbj. My hands slowly go down to her finger. She is slightly wet and proceeds to let her rub gently. I moan like hell. Luck is not loud. She seemed to enjoy the action with 1 inch and let her quickly and furious one moan longer and louder the cute beauty.

    Massage - 7/10 SOP
    Foreplay - 7/10 slow and shiok
    Bbbj - 8/10 Yes
    GFE - 8/10 very convenient with weight
    FJ - 7/10

  19. Post by Oput

    When I wait well, I will say that all of us are waiting. Hehe asked me to lie down and she went to sleep. The catbath started from my toes until the rest of the tickling area. She still sucked. My toes and fingers! My passion for happiness makes me receive this. I pushed my body against her and held her strong.

    BBBJ: 7/10 Slurrpy slurrp!
    FK: 8/10 tongue, 2 tongue
    Hair: 6/10, black hair, through the shoulder length slightly
    Skin: 7/10 and smooth skin


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