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a bust of good sensitivity! A nice, busty chest, a waist and waist, a tight, grungy UP, a sleek, clean. Impressive visuals that everyone is convinced ☆


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  1. Post by Vew

    She took off her clothes and let me play with her little tits. Then she sucked my nipples. She gave me a really good bj. Then she lay down next to me and slept on my chest for a while. I took a shower and then came back and hugged me and left.

    Face: 8/10
    Boobs: 9/10
    Body: 7/10
    Massage: 9/10
    B2B: 8/10

  2. Post by Hote

    Good attitude and quite good to please Trying to hurry and manage properly, BBj lovers must try quite new. She is everything, everything, massage, bj and hj. She joins. I enjoy both times.

    Page: OK 7/10
    Body & Boobs: Good for you, age 8/10
    BJ: Like to do 9/10
    Pussy: Good for you, age 7/10

  3. Post by Karolyn

    Fresh up trend pictures today, there are some anchor selections of this amazing make-up girl and her mascara. Her eyes are beautiful. She has a tall and sharp nose and a small sexy lip. Her face is a palm sized. Attack "by frenching her aggression and roaming the body of each lucky person.

    Face 9/10 beautiful face! If you see on the road sure to take two.
    Body and chest Natural Body, Big, Slightly
    FJ 7.5 / 10 With her put on the dentist chair I bonked her in the missionary we frenched.
    GFE, this is the area that makes it so great for me. She is just a truly friendly and happy person, making me feel at ease from the very beginning and acting just as sweet.

  4. Post by Coma

    Visited her last weekend and can confirm that she is a 20-year-old girl. She is cute and I want to have special items with you too.

    Boobs: 6.5 / 10 light nipples and really soft ... good to grab and fondle And she likes it when i like them
    BBBJ: 8/10 working very hard ... spending a lot of time in this area
    FJ: 8/10 Tight pussy, good groan Love that you kiss my neck and ears when we are on the cowgirl
    GFE: 7/10 commercial sense

  5. Post by Faw

    She is very sexy and kisses and Frenching her tight and tight ass. But her pussy is pink and beautiful. A very enjoyable time with her. Cut the short story below as my personal rating.

    Nipples: 7/10, just reaching out, but it's a good service for her.
    GFE: 8/10
    Pussy: 8/10 Wet. She cum when I lick her.
    Body: 7/10 She has a curved body and is skinny.
    Boobs: 7/10 Very good to hold and her nipples are good.

  6. Post by Vowe

    We sit and talk for a while. She looks warmer at this time, less mysterious now. She helped me take off my clothes and then took me to a cat cowgirl tub that was really good for the PRC! Will touch yourself during the good FJ! Good BBBJ. Luckily I finished her missionary position while she moaned and caught me with her hand.

    Body: having all the flesh in the right place .... very stable skin that I love (7/10)
    Chest: C cup and light brown nipple (7/10)
    BBBJ: Diversity of suction and speed ... Knowing how to make men satisfied ... will CIM next time (6.5 / 10)
    Drawing: Yes (she doesn't talk too long) (8/10)
    FJ: Supports. Try 2 positions (7/10)


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